EU Parent – Subsidiary Directive

As a member of the EU Cyprus is governed by the provisions of the EU's Parent-Subsidiary directive whose effect is that where a Cyprus holding company controls at least 25% of the shares of an EU subsidiary for a minimum period of 12 months, any dividends remitted by the EU subsidiary to the Cyprus holding company are free of withholding taxes.

At Libor we advise our clients and guide them through in establishing an optimal business structure, designed to mitigate your tax burden by utilising the benefits of double tax treaties that exist in various jurisdictions. The services we offer range from international tax planning, Company formation, both in Cyprus and abroad, assistance in setting up an office and arranging for work permits and residence permits of expatriate staff if necessary.
Once the structure is implemented we can undertake the administration of the Company affairs including corporate secretarial services, management and book-keeping services.

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