The Cyprus Company
Companies registered in Cyprus are governed by the Cyprus Company Law, Chapter 113 which is based on English law.

General Overview Fact Sheet:



Basis of Legal System


Type of Company


Exchange Controls


Re-domiciliation Permitted


Shelf Companies Available


Timescale for new entities

5 working days

European SA




Corporate Requirement


Minimum Share Capital


Minimum Shareholders

1 (natural person or corporate body)

Minimum Directors

1 (natural person or corporate body)

Bearer Shares


Registered Office


Company Secretary 

Yes (resident of Cyprus either natural person or corporate body)



Public Filings








Beneficial Owners


Issued Share Capital


Memorandum and Articles of Association




Annual Filing Requirements


Annual Return


Audited Financial Statements


Annual Filing to Tax Authorities


Anybody, legal or physical person, can own a Cyprus company:

• Cypriots or EU residents or foreigners or other companies - anybody!

The details required to incorporate a company are:

• A name for the company. The name must be submitted for approval to the Registrar of Companies before proceeding. Generally the chosen name should;
o Not be the same as an existing company name
o Not contain words such as: ‘euro'; ‘international'; unless particularly relevant
o Not be offensive
o Not contain geographic references, unless particularly relevant
• A description of the activity of the new company.
• Name of Ultimate Beneficial Owner/s.
• Name of the people who will be the officials (officers) of the company and be responsible for it and it's conduct.
• For owners and each of the officers the following is required: Proof of identity, address and good standing.
For a detail information on the requirements and the procedure to be followed in incorporation a company in Cyprus, please see "Company formation " section.

The company documents are:

• Articles of Association & Memorandum
o The articles of association of a company, often simply referred to as the articles are the regulations governing the relationships between the shareholders and directors of the company, Together with the memorandum; they form the constitution of a company.
o Articles of association typically cover the issuing of shares the different voting and dividend rights attached to different classes of share, restrictions on the transfer of shares, the rules of board meetings and shareholder meetings, and other similar issues.
• Certificates (there are 4 certificates):
o Certificate of incorporation (proving the company is incorporated in Cyprus on "X" date
o Certificates of registered address (shows the official address where the "company lives'
o Certificate of shareholders (showing the name of shareholders and amount of shares held)
o Certificate of directors & Secretary (shows who does want)
• Company Stamp (for stamping official company documents)

Cyprus Company Law

Under the Cyprus Companies Law, the directors of every company are responsible to keep proper books of account necessary for the preparation of financial statements and which are adequate for the presentation of a true and fair view of the company's affairs and an explanation of its transactions.

The directors of every company are responsible to prepare a full set of financial statements and, where applicable, consolidated financial statements, in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards accompanied by the directors' report and the auditors' report. Financial statements in the Greek language must be filed with the Registrar of Companies with the annual return every year and there are special filling requirements for branches of overseas companies.

All companies should submit their annual tax returns based on financial statements to the tax authorities by the end of the year following the year of assessment.

For tax purposes, all financial statements must be audited. For Companies Law purposes, they must be audited unless a company meets the small business criteria which, in any event, do not apply for consolidated financial statements and to public companies.

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